Free Spy Apps 2021

With free spy apps for iPhones, you’ll have all the information you want to monitor what they’re doing on their mobile phones. This is especially useful if you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating on you. You might want to check up on your children, or just keep an eye out on your employees.

 spoiler:  You may spy on texts online using iSpy!

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With mSpy, you’ll have everything you need to monitor what they’re doing on their phones, including this:

Call Logging

When it comes to free spy apps for iPhones, IKEY Monitor is the best of the bunch. It records incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text messages and other “activity” from the ikey monitor account. With the ikey monitor account, you have everything you need to monitor who they’re talking to, including this:

Phone Activity

Just like most free spy apps for iPhones and android devices, IKEY Monitor can also track the “activity” of your iPhones or any android phone that has this app installed. This lets you know where and how frequently your loved ones are calling and texting each other. This includes call length and times, and the number of numbers called or received. With the insert logs, you’ll know exactly what numbers they’re contacting or sending text messages to.

Phone Number

Trace This is probably one of the most invasive free spy apps for iPhones and android devices, but it’s one of the most popular. Phone Spyroid is a reverse phone lookup program, which works in conjunction with key monitor. This program works in two different ways. The first way it works is that when your key account is activated, it will record incoming and outgoing calls.

With this information, the program will be able to reverse trace the phone number back to it’s original owner. It will also be able to detect blocked or unlisted numbers. And to top that off, it comes packed with many advanced features. If you are not familiar with some of these advanced features, this free spy apps review will help you understand them. For instance, with Phone Spyera, you can determine whether or not the number is a cell phone or an unlisted landline.


With so many people wondering if there are ways to legally get rid of their iphone, more people are wondering if there is a way to actually “unlock” the device and use it legally. Although Apple has taken measures to prevent this by making the device difficult to modify, there are still some legal ways to get access to the device. Most free spy apps require you to purchase a license to use the software. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it without paying for it. In fact, there are tons of free programs out there that come with limited capabilities. It’s really just a matter of reading the fine print.

In my personal opinion, the best free spy apps are those that provide complete access to the phone’s data. It’s important to look at the capabilities of the software because sometimes some of these apps might not be free. I have personally found two of the best free spy apps to be Phone Spy Deluxe and Mobileoter. These two programs allow you to perform tons of data monitoring and parental control. And although they don’t include any parental controls, they are still very effective at what they intended to do.

While I haven’t used the software that much myself, I can tell you this. Both of the programs work extremely well. The one that I use everyday to track my kids is called iSpy for iPhone. I don’t know of any other software program that provides as much helpful functionality for a free spy apps review. If you need complete access to what’s going on with your kids’ phone, I highly recommend iSpy. It’s also great for kids to use because it works with any iPhone or android phone.